Can nutrition help DOMS?

I wrote a brief nutrition Q & A for the Guardian newspaper a while ago on delayed on -set muscle soreness or as most of us know it DOMS! The journalist wanted to now if you could tweak your nutrition to help reduce the muscle ache and stiffness some of us experience after a particularly hard or new session.

DOMS result from a number of factors and will mainly occur 1-2 days after we have performed a new or more intense that usual session. This pain we feel is tiny, microscopic damage to the muscle fibre and not a build up of lactic acid that many think it is. Although it may not feel like progression, DOMS are part of the training adaptation process that over time will lead to greater levels of fitness and strength.

How can your diet affect your post workout recovery DOMS?

Is there any way to avoid it?

Getting your nutrition right around your training can speed up the recovery process considerably. It can reduce the effects of DOMS but you can’t completely avoid it as it is a natural part of the training adaptation process in any part of training schedule. Most nutritional interventions to reduce DOMS are closely related to inflammatory response and aiding the rebuilding of damaged muscles.

Are there any foods or drinks that can aid recovery from DOMS?

Are there any you should avoid?

Prevention of DOMS through eating a range of healthy foods in the correct portions should ensure your body is fit for withstanding the strains of physical activity.