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Cancellation Policy 

Our sports nutrition plans/packages are for 3 months. The sports dietitian has a client space for 30 clients at a time. Once you have paid for your package you have secured you place for support. 



1 Cancelling your Plan


All packages have a cooling-off period of 2 weeks during which you will be able to cancel your package providing you haven’t consulted with the dietitian either in person or online.


If the package has been booked for someone else (as a voucher/present for example) -then this is extended to 4 weeks. If the client does not want the nutrition support package bought for them then full refund will be issued if expressed within this time. Past 4 weeks, if the client does not take up the appointment then 50% refund of total package will be issued (this retained payment covers the first two appointments  - held one week apart)


We do not offer any refund or credit for plans that are cancelled mid-way through, after the cooling off period is over. 

In exceptional cases, for example if a client is seriously unwell physically or mentally, we will allow early termination of your plan. In cases, we only offer a partial refund or credit for any unused time remaining on the plan. This is irrespective of whether the services were fully utilised prior to the cancellation request.

We do not refund or credit for any missed consultations/sessions and these will be charged in full.


2 Pausing & resuming your Plan


In exceptional cases, such as the athlete being injured or unwell unwell, we may allow for a client to pause their plan for up to 3 months. You must resume your consultations and services within this 3 month period. If the plan is not resumed within this period and we are unable to reach you or hear from you, we reserve the right to end that particular plan. If you then wish to join again, this would be on a new plan. 

We are unable to process partial or full refunds to clients who miss out on any part of their plan due to lack of engagement or attendance.


3 Rearranging Consultations/Sessions in your Plan


Full details of the plan you intend to join will be sent to you before we take any payment. You will be able to see your (generally 3 month) journey split into phases and what you can expect in each phase. There is some degree of flexibility within each phase for you to rearrange consultations if required.

The total length of the plan will not exceed what is stated in your plan and all consultations and support services must be utilised during this time. We will remind you of any outstanding consultations but it is your responsibility to ensure you make note of appointments offered to you.  It is in everyone’s best interest to make full use of our services during this time and stay engaged with the plan as much as possible so that you get the results you desire.

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