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Beetroot, lentil & squash Wellington

Every Christmas I am tasked with the vegetarian share of the lunch (unless I am hosting and then I do all of it!). I haven't made nut roast for years and try to make what I chose appealing to even the meat eaters (though I must admit, I am not always successful). I like to find a recipe that has a festive touch, so using chestnuts or cranberries for example is always good. Another thing for me, I LOVE pastry! Anything in pastry, filo, short crust, puff...anything and generally always features :).

This recipe is from BBC good but I have slightly adapted it. The ones on the site are vegan...mine are simply vegetarian.


1 red onion

250g cooked beetroot (not pickled)

1/2 butternut squash

2 garlic cloves (add more or less to personal taste)

6 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil if preferred

1 tbsp thyme

250g lentils (buy the ready to eat or tinned if easier)

180g whole, cooked chestnuts (you could try other nuts such as pine nuts though would probable need less in weight e.g 100g)

100g kale

1/2 lemon juiced

2 x 320g pack of ready roll puff pastry

2tbsp milk


Heat oven - 190C.

1. Cut beetroot and squash into small squares and put in a roasting tin with the onion and garlic (full clove) , 3 tbsp olive oil and a sprinkle of the fresh thyme. Cook for 45 minutes or until veggies are soft but still hold their shape.

2. When the veggies are cooked, add the lentils and half the chestnuts. Remove half of the garlic cloves and put aside to add to the pesto. Leave roasted veggies and lentils to cool.

3. Boil a pan of water and add kale. Boil for 1-2 mins until wilted. Run under cold water to cool then squeeze excess water from the kale. Add to food processor with remaining nuts, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Blitz to thick pesto.

prepared veggies and pesto

4. On a floured table, lay 2 pastry sheets out. Cut each one three ways (widthways) so you end up with 6 sheets (to make 6 wellingtons). Divide the kale pesto between the 6 sheets followed by the roasted veg. Leave a bit of space on one side (see below) to help with rolling and leave the other half empty. Brush the borders with milk to help the pastry stick.

Wellington prepared and ready to roll

5. Once rolled, place on a lined baking tray and chill for an hour (or alternatively freeze).

Ready to chill or freeze

6. Once chilled and ready to cook, brush the pastry with milk and place in oven for 30 mins from chilled or 45 mins from frozen.

Delicious and ready to eat

I served mine with the traditional Christmas lunch trimmings but I think on other occasions, a salad (maybe cucumber, feta, tomatoes, avocado, rocket and pumpkin seeds) and new potatoes.

Would love any comments of what you all accompanied yours with :)

Alex :)

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